Alef Bit Technologies

Alef Bit is a trading platform that connects talented manual and algo CRYPTO traders with funds in a revenue share model

Decentralised Fund

Each of Alef Bit’s traders has a unique trading strategy, resulting in a reduced-risk, strategy-diversified aggregated portfolio.

Risk Management

Alef Bit applies solid, provable risk management measures, implementing smart tools for enforcing those parameters, such as automatic alerts.

Funds Management

Alef Bit employs an advanced proprietary algorithm to optimize fund-allocation for traders, based on their continuous performance.


Alef Bit Technology’s goal is to outperform the high-gains yet high-risk crypto market.

  • Our platform is used to identify and filter talented manual and algo-traders, using a proprietary trading simulation platform. Traders who successfully finish the trial period are given real funds allocation to manage in a revenue share model.
  • Alef Bit’s system continuously monitors and evaluates the qualified traders’ performance, enforces risk management parameters, and optimizes funds allocation.


Think you are a good trader?
Prove it on our trading simulator and we will give you risk-free money to trade with.

  • After an initial onboarding process, new traders receive an account on Alef Bit’s proprietary demo-trading simulator, where they undergo a 3-month trial period.
  • The platform simulates an actual exchange with real-time quotes.
  • Only the best traders will proceed and move forward to the live-trading stage.

Trading simulation trial period

Performance analysis

Real funds allocation and live-trading

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Skilled traders ranking and filtering

A proprietary trading simulator developed by Alef Bit to determine which traders proceed to live-trading and real funds allocation


Traders can send market, limit and stop orders, and open long and short positions. Slippage and commissions and are also factored in.

Real-time quotes

Trade with real-time price quotes from the major Crypto exchanges

Statistical performance analysis

Trading performance analysis reports with comparisons to market benchmarks and other active traders



good traders will see their allocation increased, while bad traders will see their allocation decreased, or will be cut off from the program.


All of Alef Bit’s traders accounts are connected to a central control-room, carefully monitored 24/7


Using our traders combined wisdom-of-the-crowd to produce trading indexes (applying tested filters such as top traders only, etc.)

Big data machine learning

Employ big data machine learning on our trading data to produce high quality trading signals

Meet a Few of Our Traders

Read what some of our traders have to say about our program

Passing our demo-trading trial period is no easy feat. We like to call it “Proof-of-Work”:

The trader has to exhibit discipline, low time preference, will-power and most importantly talent, in order to proceed. 

Even though our traders come from all over the world with different experiences and backgrounds, we can honestly say that all of them have that star quality, or talent, to become exceptional traders. It is our role to help them fulfill that potential.

Alef Bit team

Amit Barkan

Amit Barkan

Founder & CTO

Amit is the co-founder of Kaizen Financial Engineering, a quantitative social investment firm and ChargeAfter, the first financing network enabling instant consumer credit at the moment of sale. He conducted the world’s first Bitcoin Hackathon in 2013 and is active in the crypto space for several years. Amit holds a BA in Computer Science and MBA in Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

Roy Rogel


Roy has 20 years of online marketing experience and 10 years of hands on FX, CFDs and crypto trading. Prior to Alef-Bit he was a VP at Webpals Group. He is also a co-founder of Elysium technologies Ltd. which develops algo-trading strategies. Roy holds a BA in Business Administration with a specialty in information systems and MBA with a specialty in marketing.

Ilan Sterk

VP Trading & Business Development

Ilan is a 20 year veteran of the global securities markets. Prior to Alef Bit, Ilan managed the Global Trading desk and FX at Bank Of Jerusalem,Clal Finance Batucha Brokerage and at Oscar Gruss, an American brokerage firm. He is also a lecturer at the Open University MBA program on financial systems and capital markets. Ilan holds a BA magna cum laude in Economics and Management and a MBA both from the Open University in Israel.

Eran Peled

Eran Peled


Eran holds a BSc in Chemical Engineering from the Technion and is currently finishing his MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering at Tel Aviv University. Prior to joining Alef Bit, he worked as a process engineer team leader in Intel.

Oran Misgav Lefkovits

Oran Misgav Lefkovits

Lead Software Engineer

Oran is a software engineer who enjoys reading, travelling and being a mother.Prior to Alef Bit, she was a backend developer and Scrum Master at Webpals Group and an IS engineer at Intel. Oran holds BSc in Industrial Engineering from Ben-Gurion University and she is a Computer Science MSc student at IDC Herzliya.

Amit Green

Amit Green

Risk Management Advisor

A serial entrepreneur, Amit was co-founder and Chief-Investor of ApicaGreen, an algorithms-based hedge fund, and a graduate of the IDF’s MAMRAM program. Amit holds a BA magna cum laude in Computer Science and Management from the Open University and MBA in International Business and Finance from QUT in Australia.


Our mission is to identify and empower the world’s top Crypto trading talent

Seed investment

Q1 2018

Company set-up

Q2 2018

Trading simulator product launch

Q3 2018

Onboard new traders

Q4 2018

Start live-trading

Q1 2019

Track record and funding

Q4 2019


Q1 2020
Q1 2018

Seed investment

Seed investment by Hexa Group, the largest crypto company in Israel.

The Group led the seed investment, recognizing the huge potential Alef Bit presents:

Alef Bit is the first company to apply the proven model of strategy diversification in the growing crypto market and as such, holds a first-mover advantage.


Secondly, with crypto still in its early stage, fundamentals are still unclear. Therefore, Alef Bit, with its ever-growing traders’ community could emerge as a priceless indicator of market sentiment.

Q2 2018

Company set-up

The crypto space is a blue ocean in terms of its technology and as a new asset class. As such, regulation is still unclear: The first step in setting up Alef Bit’s operation was to enlist the top legal and accounting offices in order to establish the optimal legal framework for the company

Q3 2018

Trading simulator product launch

As the first step in the funnel process, we built a state-of-the-art demo trading platform for evaluating traders’ performance. The platform offers real-time quotes while taking commission and slippage into consideration. 

The platform can support thousands of traders at any given time, and is the key stage where we filter which traders proceed to live-trading and are given real funds to manage.

Over time, the platform is continuously improved: New features are added and our analyzing tools get better and better, making the filtering process more efficient.

Q4 2018

Onboard new traders

Since Q4 2018, hundreds of traders from all over the world on-boarded the trial period to demonstrate their trading abilities.

Our traders have shown great enthusiasm and motivation in joining the platform. 

Here are just a few examples of what these traders have to say:

“I have seen this program and it is a great opportunity for me to demonstrate what I have learned over the last two years and for my career as a trader. Thanks”

“As you know, you need money to make money!  I'm very competitive & a fast learner I thrive when given the opportunity to prove myself, especially when it's doing something I love to do”

After advancing our best traders to the live-trading stage and allocating them real funds to manage, we have seen a substantial increase in our credibility and the willingness of new traders to join. This strengthened even more after our first performance fee payout.

All in all, we are seeing the consistent expansion of our network effect with the ever-growing number of new traders joining our program.

Q1 2019

Start live-trading

Traders who have successfully completed the demo-trading trial period proceeded to live-trading and real funds allocation, on a performance-based revenue-share model. 

These traders received a sub-account on one of the tier 1 crypto exchanges with permissions to trade only (they cannot deposit or withdraw funds from the account)

Due to the big difference between demo and live trading, live traders start with a relatively small initial allocation in order to verify consistency with their paper trading performance. From then on, funds are allocated based on performance.

Q4 2019

Track record and funding

We dedicated this 1 year period to test-drive our model and acquire sufficient funds to constantly onboard new portfolio managers. During this time, we expect our aggregated portfolio to slowly stabilize as more traders join our program.

This time was also used to QA and optimize our risk management model and our performance-based funds allocation system. As a result, we should see constant improvement as our optimization tools begin to take effect.

Q1 2020


The crypto market’s high volatility can be a double-edged sword: On the one hand, large price swings offer enormous potential gains for talented traders. On the other hand, investors may be deterred to allocate funds due to the high risk.

At Alef Bit, we believe we’ve created the perfect engine to match between traders with limited access to funds and investors who can provide those same funds.

We offer a unique value proposition: Talented traders filtering mechanism; performance-based funds allocation; and money management & optimization, all combined together to out-perform a high-gains but high-risk market. 

We launched our demo trading-simulator in November 2018, and initiated our live-trading in February 2019. So far, the results have exceeded all expectations.

Now is the time to scale our company and take it to the next level!

Whether you are a talented trader eager to prove your skill, or an investor looking to get exposure to crypto but have not found the right vehicle to do so, Alef Bit may be the answer for you!


121 Begin Rd., Tel Aviv, Israel