Alef Bit Traders Survey August 2019


Thank you to everyone who took the time to answer our survey, more than x3 in comparison to the last time!
Also, it’s great to see how diversified our community is, with traders coming from all over the world.

With regards to the results, our take is that sentiment is bullish, with most people converging to BTC.
However, we’ll let you make your own opinion – so go on and take a look!

Date: Aug. 2019
# of Responses: 124

Which statement do you think is more true

What is the BTC holding % of your total portfolio?

What is your Bitcoin price prediction for the upcoming halving event, expected to occur on May 2020?

Average target price: $35,540

What is your Bitcoin price prediction for the end of 2019?

August 2019 survey results
Average target price: $18,420

August 2019 - Average target price: $18,419

November 2018 survey results
Average target price: $15,500

November 2018 - Average target price: $15,500

Where are you located?

What questions would you like to ask our traders in the next survey?

Best questions that will be added to our next survey:

  1. Will BTC be an effective Risk off investment in the event of a worldwide financial crisis?
  2. Will bitcoin surpass gold in market cap?

In addition, we will consider discussing the following issues in our upcoming newsletter:

  1. Trading vs Holding strategies
  2. Best ways to transition in and out of a large position
  3. Margin, leverage and derivatives trading

Write down your top 3 crypto exchanges

Binance and Bitmex rule the crypto exchanges.
Other notable exchanges: Kraken, bitfinex

Has Bitcoin hit the bottom yet?

August 2019 survey results

November 2018 survey results

What will be the best performing crypto token 1 year from now?

August 2019: Most mentions for BTC, LINK and BNB
November 2018: Most mentions for XRP, followed by XLM


See you in our next survey…

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